The Magic of Chant

The Magic of Chant – Common Themes of Chant from Different Traditions
The underlying belief is that something quite magical is happening when we chant. In Judaism, the cantor (or “sacred song” leader) gets his or her title from a word whose root is directly related to “magician”. The very word “chant” is etymologically related to the words “enchantment” and “incantation”.

  • Symbolic language is used to resonate the mystery beyond normal “knowing” and “concepts” experienced in the heart through chant.
  • The sense of “something” within that is beyond space and time is amplified, so the bridge between everyday reality and eternity/infinity is strengthened.
  • Chanting fosters the sense that the “something” within is not just ours, but is shared with all that is.
  • In some traditions, we find an insight that through chant we cannot only sense our unity with all, but that we can even develop a sense of the moment of our creation by the Birther.
  • The harnessing of breath through chant, together with our focused intention, creates a flexibility that prepares us for expansion of our consciousness.Chant aids integration and healing. One reason for this is that the head is resonated through singing/chanting, leading to the release of endorphins which engender a sense of well-being.