I am an interfaith theologian, educator, and chant leader. I have been teaching Interfaith Chant for 30 years in the UK, Germany, and the US. Hundreds of classes and workshops have given me the opportunity to hone my skills in leadership and facilitation.

I’ve also been active in the peace, anti-apartheid, and Transition movements, the specialist music business, and energy work. Married to Maine folk musician Katherine Rhoda, I split my time between the US and the North of England. I am keen to share my knowledge and gifts to further interfaith understanding through shared spiritual practice.

Some steps along my path:

  • Born near London, son of a progressive Congregational minister
  • Raised in a Christian socialist pacifist family
  • Embraced self-study in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism
  • Sang in choirs, rock bands, blues bands, and nursing homes
  • Passed audition for Moscow Conservatory to study bass voice BUT
  • Felt called to spiritual service and studied theology instead
  • Two theology degrees, London University
  • Post-graduate qualifications in education
  • Taught Religious Studies, a required subject in the UK
  • First British teacher of Advanced Studies in Hinduism for 16-18 year olds.
  • Advisor to BBC on Youth Culture, early ’70s
  • Established London-based specialist music distribution service
  • Worked in music field for 12 years
  • Began Nada (Self Realisation through Sound) and Earthsounds record labels
  • Developed chant practice
  • Early ’90s, opened my home as the Earth Centre for spiritual studies
  • Chanting soon became the most well attended practice
  • In parallel, developed intense energy work to treat trauma
  • As “the small man with a huge voice”, a British Wheel of Yoga trainer for yoga teachers (subtle energy and chant)
  • Invited to Germany to lead chant and offer energy work
  • Introduced to the Dances of Universal Peace by Philip O’Donohue at my centre. These interfaith body prayers, including Neil Douglas-Klotz’s Aramaic Lord’s Prayer dance cycle and related writings, have been a major influence.
  • 2012 – Invited to lead chant in the US
  • 2012 – Met and married my wife and musical collaborator Katherine Rhoda
  • Since 2014, a resident of the US, returning annually to the UK

US settings where I have led chant include:

Current spiritual affiliations include: